Forum Music Teachers Association of Houston, Inc.

Jazz Festival

This is an event for piano solo performance that features non-competitive and competitive divisions.  The non-competitive division is open to students of all ages and abilities and will be judged individually on a rating scale.  The competitive is grouped according to grade level and requires a high level of preparation and performance.

CHAIRMAN: Janet Soller
DATE: February 26, 2022
LOCATION: Kawai Piano Gallery – 5800 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77057
FEES: $25 for non-competitive; $30 for competitive;
One check per studio, made out to FORUM
DEADLINES: Postmarked February 7, 2022
TEACHER REQUIREMENT: Teachers will be asked to assist at this event. Teachers who are unable to fulfill their work requirement for any reason must provide advance notice to the chair ahead of the event, and pay one of the following applicable fees:
$150 with at least one week’s notice or $175 with less than one week’s notice, or no notice.
Teachers who are unable to work due to an emergency must notify the chair immediately, the fee may be waived with the approval of the chair and the president.
REQUIRED REPERTOIRE: For both divisions, participants must perform one jazz, rap, blues, or boogie-woogie work of his/her choice. A student may enter only one division.
Non-Competitive Guidelines:
  1. Students perform individually one jazz work of their choice from memory.
  2. All participants must provide an original copy of the music with the measures numbered. (PDF Scan)
  3. Students will receive a critique and a rating, from 1 to 4 (with plus or minus scores).
  4. All students will receive a certificate with the appropriate colored ribbon sealed to it (purple for 1+, blue for 1, red for 2, white for 3, green for 4).
  5. Outside judges will be selected by the chairman and all judges’ decisions are final.
Competitive Guidelines:
  1. Students will perform one jazz work of their choice from memory.
  2. All competitors must provide an original copy of the music with the measures numbered or they will be disqualified from the competition. (PDF Scanned)
  3. Outside judges will be selected by the chairman and all judges’ decisions are final.
  4. Competitors are grouped according to grade, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Depending upon enrollment, grades may be combined into one group.
  5. There will be a trophy awarded to the first, second, third, and fourth place winners in each competitive group and ribbons awarded to all honorable mention recipients. All competitors will receive a certificate with a rating and a critique.
REGISTRATION: Go to the teacher dashboard to register online. The deadline for all registration is February 7, 2022. Checks must be mailed to the chairman, postmarked no later than February 7, 2022. Late entries will not be accepted.



Step One: Go to Dashboard (scroll to the bottom of this webpage) and complete the entry form by February 7, 2022. The entry form will look like this under a table/column format:

Teacher Name C/N Student Name 9 Last, First) Alphabetized by Level Grade Title of Piece Composer Selection 2: Composer * Link to Google Drive Folder