Forum Music Teachers Association of Houston, Inc.

TMTA SA Theory Test

CHAIRPERSON  – FALL    Joanna Reeder  (704-681-3198)

Address: 3433 W. Dallas Street, APT 1040,  Houston TX, 77019

CHAIRPERSON – SPRING   Jonathan Scofield (205-542-6817)

Address: 8950 Chimney Rock Rd. APT 35, Houston, TX 77096

TESTING Date/Time Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021/ 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Exact testing time assignment TBA

Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022/ 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Exact testing time assignment TBA

TEACHER OBLIGATIONS In-person: work event

*Remote: pick up, administer, and return tests to Theory Coordinator

In-person: work event

*Remote: pick up, administer, and return tests to Theory Coordinator

ELIGIBILITY Student Affiliates Only Student Affiliates Only
LOCATION University of Houston University of Houston
FEE $16/student (testing)

$8 postage (0ptional)

$16/student (testing)

$8 postage (0ptional)


This twice-yearly event gives students the opportunity to measure their theory and musicianship aptitude. Additionally, passing grades enable students to participate in other TMTA events such as Piano Ensemble, SA Performance Contest, Composition Contest, Chamber Music, and World of Music. Scores of 90-93 receive a bronze medal, scores of 94-97 receive a silver medal, and scores of 98-101 receive a gold medal.


  1. Make sure that your participating students are current TMTA Student Affiliates. (for more information, please visit or contact our SA Chair)
  2. Visit and carefully review the practice tests, testing guidelines, grading policies, syllabus, and procedures regarding out-of-state testers.
  3. Complete the online student registration form by logging into and visiting your dashboard. If you choose to add postage, we will mail your graded tests back to you; otherwise, you will have to pick them up in person. Before submitting, download a copy of your registration spreadsheet to send with your registration check.
  4. Mail your registration check to the appropriate chair. Your payment must be postmarked no later than the deadline.
  5. Make plans to work during the test days according to the FMTA Bylaws and/or arrange to pick up the tests from the Theory Coordinator if your students are testing remotely. Further instructions will be sent after registration.


*Testing Method Flexibility:

As the pandemic continues, TMTA has made provisions for remote testing so that ALL students have the opportunity to test. If you or any of your students are unable to test in-person, you may opt to administer the test remotely, in whatever format is best for your studio. Visit the TMTA website for more information on Covid Testing Changes.

Students are encouraged to take the test in-person to streamline the administrative process, however, if you have a student who cannot attend in person, you are responsible for picking up the test from the Theory Coordinator, administering the test in adherence to the guidelines set forth, and returning the completed test to the Theory Coordinator by the deadline. Please note your teacher obligations are different for remote testing and in-person testing. If your studio is a hybrid of in-person and remote testing, that is fine, but you will need to fulfill both teacher responsibilities.


Make-Up Test:

A makeup test will be offered for day-of emergencies ONLY. The Fall Theory makeup will be held on Sun, Oct. 31st at @2:30 pm and the Spring makeup will be held Sun, Feb. 13th at the home of Karen Wallace: 15010 Vistamont Dr. Houston, Texas, 77083.




  • Any student with a score of 90-101 is eligible for a medal. Those who test at their school grade level will receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Those who test below grade level receive a Theory Achievement Medal (TAM).
  • SENIOR AWARDS: Please notify the Theory Chair before the March meeting if you have a senior who may be eligible for the Mansfield or Loving Theory Awards.