Forum Music Teachers Association of Houston, Inc.

TMTA SA Membership

CHAIRMAN: Joanna Reeder, 3433 W. Dallas Street, APT# 1040. Houston TX 77019


GRADES: Grades 1 – 12 and Post 12th
REGISTRATION: Teachers will create an online account on the website and make amendments and additions to their student roster through their online portal. All amendments, additions, transfers, and deletions must be sent to the chairman in writing via email in order to complete the enrollment process. New teachers who have not enrolled students prior to this year must contact the chairman for the appropriate procedures.
FEES: Initial enrollment is $15.00 per student and due September 15. Late enrollment is from September 16 to February 15 and is $20.00 per student.
DEADLINE: The deadline to enroll students during any given month is the 15th of that month.  Checks must be postmarked by the 15th in order to enroll that month.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Be sure the student’s enrollment reflects precisely the same name every year. The computer will not recognize nicknames or any variation of a name. Upon enrollment, home-schooled students must declare a school grade. This declared grade will be used for enrollment in all Student Affiliate activities. There will be a State processing fee of $25.00 per teacher if any student is enrolled after the enrollment deadline of any Student Affiliate event. There will be an additional $15.00 State processing fee assessed to the teacher if students take a test or enter a Student Affiliate event prior to having been enrolled.